Hormone Optimization is the Key to Wellness!

Are you currently getting hormones in any form now? If so great! Something is better than nothing assuming your using bio-identical hormones and not synthetic. The RIGHT hormones delivered the RIGHT way is critical. Our practitioners are trained and certified by the “Godfather of Hormones” Dr. Neal Rouzier who is world renowned and takes practitioners education far beyond anyone in our area. Our results speak for themselves!

Traditionally trained practitioners are taught less than 4 hours in med school. Until they have been through advanced Didactic training’s and certified, their approach is to throw everything at the patient and see what sticks. Our optimization process is EVIDENCE BASED and PROVEN. This is the right way to treat your symptoms and that is by fixing the hormone deficiencies that are making you feel bad.

This therapy is delivered into your bloodstream the same way your ovaries or testis deliver hormones. That means your body knows exactly what to do with them and gets to work quickly to raise your energy levels, get you sleeping well again and potentially eliminating visceral fat. Join us now and over the next year, you will look back and not recognize the person you are now. Let’s get started…take the assessment!

The Wellness Firm, Mary Ann Butler ANP-C, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Beaumont TX

If you are looking for Health, Vitality, Weight Loss or Hormone Therapy, we can help!